Matlab FEMLAB Multiphysics Modeling Seminar

September 16, 2003
COMSOL, the makers of FEMLAB, will be visiting NCSU on October 1st to offer a free seminar. Please join us to find out how multiphysics modeling can help you with your research and educational interests:

October 1, 2003
Location: NCSU
Room: Riddick 11
Time: 03:45 PM

Invitation to College of Engineering faculty: Please pass along to interested colleagues and students in your department.
Space is limited!  For more info and registration, visit

FEMLAB is a powerful multiphysics modeling package which solves systems of partial differential equations via the finite element method in 1D, 2D, and 3D.  Fully integrated with Matlab, it is used worldwide in research, product development, and teaching, in such fields as structural mechanics, electromagnetics, transport phenomena, chemical engineering, acoustics and more!

We will also present a sneak preview of FEMLAB 3.0 to be launched this fall!

You will see:

Multiphysics and equation-based modeling
A fast and intuitive graphical user interface based on Java technology.
Faster and memory-efficient solvers based on C++

To request more information please visit:
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