Dr. Kim Receives Research Award from the NSF

August 01, 2013

Dr. Ki Wook Kim 
Dr. Ki Wook Kim

Ki Wook Kim and Jagdish Narayan have been awarded $420,000 by the National Science Foundation for research on Topological Insulator Hybrid Structures for Novel Optoelectronic Applications.

The award will run from August 15th, 2013 to July 31st, 2016.

Research Abstract:

The objective of this program is to exploit unique advantages of topological insulator based structures for optoelectronic applications. Specifically, the strong magnetoelectric interaction at the topological insulator-magnetic material interface and subsequent band engineering is the key focus as they can facilitate tailored response to an optical signal, offering an ideal environment for previously unattainable performances such as extreme sensitivity detection. The combined theoretical and experimental effort aims to achieve synthesis, fabrication, and analysis of novel topological insulator materials and layered heterostructures as well as demonstration of superior device functionalities.