Electrical Engineering ranks as Top10 highest-paid college major

October 11, 2013

NCSU Graduation Ceremonies 2010. Photo by Becky Kirkland. 
NCSU Graduation Ceremonies 2010. Photo by Becky Kirkland.

Your parents wanted you to be a doctor or a lawyer -- well, you can add engineer to that list now as well.

According to research conducted by Anthony P. Carnevale, Jeff Strohl and Michelle Meltonan at Georgetown University, your college major does help dictate your future income. As a part of their research, the team interviewed hundred of full-time employees who hold bachelor's degrees in various disciplines. They then calculated each area of study's median reported earning.

Of the study's listed, Electrical Engineering ranked 6th overall at a median salary of $85,000.

The study also determined that Electrical Engineering ranked as the most popular engineering degree. Electrical Engineering claims an estimated 21% of all engineering degrees.

Another point of interest from the study shows that of employees interviewed, 42% obtain a graduate degree. These employees report an estimated 30% earnings boost from the graduate degree.

Overall, engineering disciplines claim eight of the top ten spots on this report. Check out the full report and findings here.