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FREEDM: A Bright Idea

The National Science Foundation’s FREEDM Systems Center led by NC State ECE is celebrating 10 years of work changing how we use energy.

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The Engineer

Developed by researchers at North Carolina State University, the new solution is at least 10 times smaller than similar systems and is now being optimised to charge vehicles more quickly, while also charging multiple vehicles simultaneously.

October 10, 2018

Science Daily

For that reason, engineers at North Carolina State University have developed an oxygen sensor for use in organs-on-a-chip and 3D tissue scaffolds.

October 9, 2018

Southeast Farm Press

Two Ph.D. students in engineering and a postdoctoral plant science researcher at North Carolina State University have created a tiny array of sensors coated with polymers that can detect the unique bouquet of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that plants emit in response to different stressors.

October 9, 2018


An electric vehicle (EV) fast charger that is at least 10 times smaller than existing systems and wastes 60 percent less power during the charging process, without sacrificing the charging time, has been developed by researchers from North Carolina State University.

October 8, 2018

Triange Business Journal

Raleigh has the 22nd most affordable one-bedroom apartments among college towns, the average one-bedroom monthly rent is $1,125. NC State University students also have the 21st most affordable two-bedroom apartments, with the average rent at $1,364 per month.

August 23, 2018

WRAL Tech Wire

The 2019 Chancellor’s Innovation Fund at North Carolina State University is awarding grants to researchers tackling everything from blood-clotting nanomaterials and canine cancer vaccines to more efficient electric vehicle chargers.

August 23, 2018

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