Senior Design Day - April 27, 2006

March 10, 2006

ECE Senior Design Day is held every semester on the campus of NC State University, showcasing the semester's many student projects.

All are invited to attend this end-of-semester annual event in which almost 140 electrical and computer

engineering students showcase their efforts from the Senior Design Project course.

The course itself represents the culmination of the students’ engineering education as it calls on them to employ their engineering skills in designing solutions to real-world problems.

Below are a few examples of the types of projects students work on:

  • Test and Measurement
  • Robotics
  • Cellular/Wireless Communications
  • Network and World Wide Web Applications
  • Distance Education
  • Medical Technology
  • Aids for Children with Disabilities

This semester's Design Day will be held on: April 27, 2006

On behalf of the students and the ECE Department, I cordially invite you to stop by during the day to view the results of their design efforts. The exhibition will be in the Jane S. McKimmon Center and will be open from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.