Saket Vora Wins Best Project Award

October 04, 2006

Saket Vora from North Carolina State University and Konstantin Khrustov from the University of Illinois at Chicago   won best project award for their research titled "High Powered Widebank Microwave Interference on Switching Power Supplies." They worked under Professor John Rodgers and Professor Victor Granatstein and graduate student Todd Firestone.

Industry, government, and University representatives were on hand for the Maryland Engineering Research Internship Teams (MERIT) Annual Fair at the Stamp Student Union Grand Ballroom on Friday, August 11.

MERIT is a unique, 11-week summer research program that offers top undergraduate engineering students from around the country the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge, team-based, cross-disciplinary research projects at the University of Maryland. The summer program culminates in the MERIT Fair, a half-day program that provides student teams a chance to showcase their work to a wider audience, and to be judged on the quality of their research efforts. Student projects were scrutinized by a panel of judges selected from academia, industry, and government laboratories