SPEC Leading the Way in Voltage Controls

October 17, 2006

NC State’s Semiconductor Power Electronics Center (SPEC), located on Centennial campus, is leading the way in the development of new systems to control electric distribution.  Led by Director Dr. Alex Huang, the SPEC is researching controllers which can switch on and off in microseconds, reducing loss of energy and allowing large amounts of electricity to be redirected quickly to areas of need. 

The SPEC is cooperating closely in their research with ABB, a cutting-edge energy engineering company.  This has led to opportunities for demonstrating new technology to industry leaders such as the Tennessee Valley Authority and Bonneville Power Administration.  Yet Dr. Huang is not satisfied with the successes of SPEC so far. He recognizes that more research and advancement will have to be made before the technology being developed can be used widely in the commercial world.

Read More about SPEC at: www.ncsu.edu/research/results