NC State's Earth Day Event and Poster Contest

March 13, 2007
NC State's Earth Day Committee is pleased to launch the 2007 Earth Day Poster Contest. In keeping with this year's theme of "Sustainable Transportation: Fuel Your Life... Not Your Car", the poster contest challenges students, staff and faculty to present their vision of sustainable transportation in a way that encourages others to participate. The posters require the use of both graphics and words to convey effectively the author's opinion of what we should do to minimize the impact our transportation habits have on our environment.
All entries will be displayed in the Brickyard on Friday April 20th from 10AM-3PM as part of our Earth Day Brickyard Celebration. Winners will be selected from the following categories:
  • Kindergarten-5th
  • 6-12th Grade
  • University Student
  • Non-Student
Each winner will receive a $100 award and will be recognized at a ceremony at 12:30PM on the 20th. The Deadline of April 6th is fast approaching! Please refer to our web site at: for more information!