Congratulations to the new Grad Student Members of Phi Kappa Phi

March 05, 2007

A number of outstanding graduate students in the ECE Department were recently recommended for The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi at NC State University.  Phi Kappa Phi is an honor society composed of students of superior academic accomplishment and exceptional character.

Listed below are the names of those students in the ECE Graduate Program that accepted membership.

Student Major Class
Ms. Han Cai CPE DR
Mr. Mark Joseph Dechene CPE DR
Mr. Xiaowei Jiang CPE DR
Mr. Michael George Kalliitsis CPE DR
Mr. Panagiotis Theodorou Kampanakis CPE MR
Mr. Seong Beom Kim CPE DR
Mr. Brian Michael Rogers CPE DR
Mr. Won So CPE DR
Mr. Prasad Ajit Wagle CPE MR
Mr. Yi Xu CPE DR
Mr. Carlo Peter Domizioli EE DR
Mr. Yuhan Dong EE DR
Mr. Rahul Pushpak Godbole EE MR
Mr. Ajit Gopalakrishnan EE MR
Ms. Jingzhen Hu EE DR
Mr. Tao Jia EE DR
Mr. Gautham Krishnamurthy EE DR
Mr. Minsheng Li EE DR
Ms. Wenjun Li EE DR
Mr. Kaushal Manesh Modi EE MR
Mr. John Weldon Nicholson EE DR
Ms. Rong Peng EE DR
Mr. Pradeep Charles Silva EE MR
Mr. Robert David Solanki EE MR
Mr. Yanbing Zhang EE DR
Mr. Tiefu Zhao EE DR