Insight Racing Group speaks at Innovators Forum on DARPA Grand Challenge

March 20, 2007
Last night, Grayson Randall, president of Insight Racing, Dick Dell, founder of the Advanced Research Vehicle Center, and Simon Cobb, of Lotus Engineering, discussed advancements in automotive technology, the challenges associated with autonomous vehicle development for the DARPA Urban Challenge, and what changes their group has made on the NC State-sponsored "Lone Wolf" Lotus Elise, their entry into the Urban Challenge, at the College of Engineering's Innovators Forum.

Randal's talk focused on the technologies being implemented into the "Lone Wolf" that will allow it to autonomously navigate in an urban environment - technologies such as an array of laser range finders to view the environment and a cluster of Mac Minis to process the range finder information.  NC State is the only university in the state participating in the DARPA Urban Challenge.

More details can be found at the Technician Online.