2007-08 CACC Research Awards Announced

May 23, 2007
The Center for Advanced Computing and Communication is pleased to fund research on the following projects:

  • #07-12 Dimensioning Access Networks Subject to Percentile End-to-End Delay SLAs –  a continuation of #06-02 IP Triple and Quadruple Play Services: Modeling and Design - Drs. Harry Perros and Yannis Viniotis
  • #07-02 On the Use of Security Metrics to Predict Vulnerability-and Attack-Prone Software Components – Dr. Laurie Williams
  • #07-01 Integration and Interoperability of XML Data – Dr. Rada Chirkova
  • #07-07 Virtual Computing Lab: Monitoring for Predictive Scheduling and Scalable Provisioning – continuation of #06-03 On-Demand Testbed: Monitoring for Capacity Planning and Performance Optimization - Drs. Mike Devetsikiotis and Yannis Viniotis
  • #07-10 Retention-Aware Placement in DRAM (RAPID): Software Methods for Quasi-Non-Volatile DRAM – Dr. Eric Rotenberg
  • #07-04 Lambda Scheduling for Grid Applications – Dr. George Rouskas
  • #07-03 Level-of-Detail Visualization of Network Environments – Dr. Christopher Healey