Saket Vora Outstanding Engineering Entrepreneurship Student Award

June 04, 2007
The Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP) began over 14 years ago and was the brainchild of its director, Dr. Thomas K. Miller III. Since its inception, hundreds of engineering and non-engineering students have completed its curriculum which is a full-immersion educational environment for new product and business prototyping. It is holistically designed to improve the overall undergraduate educational experience and this is accomplished by creating multidisciplinary eTeams (entrepreneurship teams) comprised of undergraduate students from all levels in engineering, science, business, industrial design, and the arts & humanities.

Over these past 14 years the program has been blessed with many great students. They come to the program with bold new ideas and with the passion and desire to make a difference. Many do. However, this past Spring the EEP was extraordinarily blessed with a student that embodieds all that the EEP could hope for and then some:. This student embodies the qualities of leadership, compassion, passion, service to others, selflessness, and an enormous curiosity and infectious enthusiasm about learning how everything works. It is to this student, Saket Vora, that this inaugural award is given, and for whom the annual award will be named.