The 2004 Texas Instruments Graduate Fellowship

November 22, 2004
Texas Instruments is pleased to announce that Mr. Saurabh Chopra is the recipient of the 2004 Texas Instruments Graduate  Fellowship for Leadership in Nanoelectronics. Mr. Chopra is a student of Prof. Mehmet Ozturk and Prof. Veena Misra.  His Ph.D. thesis deals with strained silicon MOSFETs with silicon-germanium source/drain junctions.  He plans to graduate in 2006.

The 2004 Texas Instruments Graduate Fellowship for Leadership in Nanoelectronics is the first graduate fellowship awarded at NCSU by Texas Instrument's Silicon Technology Development (SiTD) organization. SiTD established the NCSU fellowship as part of its effort to encourage and support graduate work in Nanoelectronics.  This fellowship underscores TI's commitment to supporting graduate research within the country's top research intensive universities.