Special MSE Seminar: S. Tokmoldin & B. Mukashev, "Materials Science in the Republic of Kazakhstan"

March 30, 2005
On Monday, April 4th, S. Tokmoldin & B. Mukashev of the Kazakhstan Materials Research Society will be speaking on "Materials Science in the Republic of Kazakhstan." The talk is at 3:00 pm in 1011 EB I (a 1st floor classroom). Refreshments will be served at 2:30 pm at the 3rd Floor Lobby of Engineering Building I (EB I). Their talk will be on: 1) Hydrogen induced nanocluster formation in crystalline silicon. 2) Structural and Optical Properties of Thin Metal Oxide Films (ZnO and SnOx) Deposited on Glass and Silicon Substrates. 3) A New Technology of Silane to resolve the shortage of polycrystalline solar-grade silicon feedstock for photovoltaics by recycling of silicate slag.