Wang Receives ARO Award for Reliable Medium Wireless Access Research

July 21, 2007

Dr. Wenye Wang, ECE Department
Dr. Wenye Wang, ECE Department

Dr. Wenye Wang has been awarded $55,872 by the Army Research Office towards research on Reliable Medium Access in Wireless Networks: Vulnerabilities, Protection, and Recovery.

The award will run from August 1st, 2007 to February 28th, 2008.

Research Abstract -The goal is to study vulnerabilities of medium access in wireless networks and develop preventive algorithms for protection and reactive algorithms for recovery in the aftermath of cyber-attacks The approach will be to start with detailed middle-ware based traffic injecting, monitoring, measurement, and analysis in the Networking of Wireless Information Systems (NeTWIS) lab of North Carolina State University. The collected data will be later used for evaluation and verification of our proposed solutions.

We will derive simpler drivers for wireless devices with different power, processing capability, and operation systems to capture all traffic that initiate an effort of communications at the MAC-layer. Then we will develop resilient MAC-layer mechanism, which target to main categories: DoS attacks aimed at reducing network availability, and selfish/greedy behaviors that favor some selected nodes but affect the overall network availability. This effort includes authentication of MAC-layer frames, surviving and recovering from MAC-layer DoS attacks. By considering multi-radio networks as a promising technique for military applications, we propose to design a MAC-oriented resource management framework for enhancing network availability. This mechanism is capable of precisely discovering accessible wireless networks and fairly allocating transmission slots.  The expected result of this research is a new approach to solving the unreliable medium access problems by combining cryptographic approaches and networking design.