Conte Receives Red Hat Award to develop Advanced Memory Technologies

July 21, 2007

Dr. Thomas Conte, ECE Department
Dr. Thomas Conte, ECE Department

Dr. Thomas Conte has been awarded $76,601 by Red Hat, Inc. towards developing Advanced Memory Performance Inferencing Technologies.

The award will run from July 1st, 2005 to December 31st, 2007.

Research Abstract - The increasing speed difference between the memory system and the processor is making the memory system performance a limiting factor in overall system performance. Both high performance computing users (e.g., National laboratories) and commercial computing users (e.g., transaction processing) either have or will hit the memory wall.

This project seeks to develop tools to allow users to identify and to resolve performance problems due to limitations by memory system. The tools will use performance monitoring hardware to collect memory system performance information to allow code to run at normal speed (e.g. PEBS to get addresses of cache misses). A second goal of this project is to develop enhancements (to GCC) to allow performance data to be mapped back to source code data structures and to locations in the program. This project will also use the collected information to improve dynamic memory allocation, for example, to allocate to avoid cache and TLB conflicts.