Carolina Photonics Consortium Announces 28 Proposals Submitted for Funding Consideration

October 31, 2007

Carolina Photonics Consortium
Carolina Photonics Consortium

The Carolinas Photonics Consortium (CPC) Pilot Funding Program received 28 proposals for funding of projects aimed at commercializing photonics-based technologies. Five programs will be chosen by the CPC Advisory Committee on November 12th for an award of $10,000 each, plus business and market development support from the Technology, Entrepreneurship and Commercialization initiative at North Carolina State University's College of Management.

The proposals showed a wide variety of technologies and targeted markets. There were proposals which addressed market needs in medical, imaging, textile, lighting, biotech, chemical/biological detection, wireless and telecommunications, customized products for an aging population, food quality and infant care. The technologies described varied from early stage discoveries to later stage applications which utilize existing patents and capital equipment.

"The Carolinas Photonics Consortium has the largest concentration of photonics-based resources in the country, so we all knew that there were ideas ready for market consideration. However, the receipt of 28 proposals for early stage money was unexpected," said Jeff Conley, interim director of CPC. "Not only do we have great researchers and great capabilities, but we have lots of opportunities for company creation in our region," he said. "Very few people outside of the industry understand how broadly photonics (light-based) technologies are used to improve our lives. These proposals were outstanding examples of how light can be used to solve problems and create opportunities for the Carolinas."

The Carolinas Photonics Consortium Advisory Board consists of one member from each of the five institutions in the consortium, plus five regional or national members representing early stage investments, regional economic development and photonics technologies. This ten member committee will be meeting on November 12th to make the final project selections.

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This article was reprinted with permission from the Carolina Photonics Consortium.