Distinguished Speaker: P.R. Kumar

Photo of P.R. Kumar

P.R. Kumar
Franklin W. Woeltge Professor
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Cyberphysical Systems

P.R. Kumar , Franklin W. Woeltge Professor
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

P.R. Kumar spoke on Friday, April 1st, 2011 at 1:00PM in Engineering Building II, Room 1021

We present a historical account of paths leading to the present interest in cyberphysical systems. We present an account of several foundational research topics that underlie this area. These include issues in data fusion, real-time communication, clock synchronization, security, middleware, hybrid systems and proofs of correctness.

P. R. Kumar is at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where he is Franklin W. Woeltge Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Research Professor in the Coordinated Science Laboratory, Research professor in the Information Trust Institute, and Affiliate Professor of the Department of Computer Science.

He obtained his B. Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering (Electronics) from I.I.T. Madras in 1973, and the M.S. and D.Sc. degrees in Systems Science and Mathematics from Washington University, St. Louis, in 1975 and 1977, respectively. From 1977-84 he was a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

He has worked on problems in game theory, adaptive control, stochastic systems, simulated annealing, neural networks, machine learning, queueing networks, manufacturing systems, scheduling, wafer fabrication plants and information theory. His current research interests are in wireless networks, sensor networks, and networked embedded control systems.

He has received the Donald P. Eckman Award of the American Automatic Control Council, the IEEE Field Award in Control Systems, and the Fred W. Ellersick Prize of the IEEE Communications Society. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, and a member of the US National Academy of Engineering. He has been awarded an honorary doctorate by ETH, Zurich. He holds a Guest Chair Professorship at Tsinghua University, Beijing, and is also the Lead Guest Chair Professor of the Group on Wireless Communication and Networking. He is an Honorary Professor at IIT Hyderabad. He has been elected an Associate Fellow of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS).