ECE Department Headlines

December 2008

Professor Joel Trussell Trussell Publishes New Digital Imaging Textbook - Professor Joel Trussell has written a new textbook, titled "Fundamentals of Digital Imaging". The book focuses on core … [full story]

November 2008

Scot Wingo(right) a recipient of the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus award in 2008. ECE Alumnus Awarded Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award - The College of Engineering at North Carolina State University has named the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus award winners for 2008. … [full story]

Leonard Habas(left) hosted Dean Louis A. Martin-Vega and College alumni at a "Meet the Dean" event last year. Engineering Alumnus Forges Successful Publishing Career - So an electrical engineering student leaves college, joins the Air Force, heads off to grad school, enters the publishing business… [full story]

Dr. John Muth, ECE Department, NC State University Hughes and Muth Receive Ambalux Award for Underwater Optical Research - Brian Hughes and John Muth have been awarded $135,000 by the Ambalux Corporation for research on Ambalux Phase II STTR: … [full story]

Dr. Wesley Snyder, ECE Department, NC State University Snyder and Ozturk elevated to IEEE Fellows - Recognizing the achievements of its members is an important part of the mission of the IEEE. Each year, following a rigorous … [full story]

Windmills like this can help engineers harness one of nature A "Green" Degree - Red means go at NC State, but it's green on the minds of university leaders who envision a one-of-a-kind degree for graduate students … [full story]

Dr. Gianluca Lazzi, ECE Department, NC State University Lazzi Receives Henry M. Jackson Award for Wave Energy Research - Gianluca Lazzi has been awarded $109,537 by the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for research on Protocol Driven Studies to Measure … [full story]

Dr. Ki Wook Kim, ECE Department, NC State University Kim Receives HRL Laboratories Award for Carbon Electronics Research - Ki Wook Kim and Marco Buongiorno-Nard have been awarded $197,443 by HRL Laboratories for research on Theory and Modeling of … [full story]

October 2008

Dr. Tom Miller is the vice provost for distance education and learning technology at NC State and director of the Engineering Entrepreneur Program. Pipelines to Innovation - How do you grow entrepreneurship at NC State? To Dr. Tom Miller, the man tasked with doing just that, it's all about creating pipelines. … [full story]

Dr. Yan Solihin, ECE Department, NC State University Solihin Publishes New Parallel Architecture Textbook - Prof. Yan Solihin has written a new textbook, called "Fundamentals of Parallel Computer Architecture."  The book covers concepts… [full story]

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