ECE Department Headlines

April 2008

Daniel Schinke, NC State Schinke to Receive Collier Scholarship for 2008-2009 - Daniel Schinke, a student athlete in Electrical and Computer Engineering since August 2006, has received the Jerry Collier Scholarship … [full story]

Silicon Valley Trip Brings Together Entrepreneurial Alumni, Students Silicon Valley Trip Brings Together Entrepreneurial Alumni, Students - They are the iPod Pioneers, the Sultans of Search, the Swamis of Social Networking. They are Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and NC … [full story]

John F. Norris Jr. Energy Leader Norris to Present Entrepreneurial Lecture - Entrepreneur and energy industry expert John F. Norris Jr. will share his insights and expertise as part of this year's North Carolina … [full story]

Joy Johnson  ECE Students Win Graduate Research Fellowship - Joy Johnson, Amit Lakhani, and Erin Summers, students of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, have been selected … [full story]

Jayant Baliga is the director of NC State The World's Smallest Carbon Footprint? - NC State Electrical and Computer Engineering professor Jayant Baliga, may have the world's smallest carbon footprint - the amount … [full story]

March 2008

Dennis Kekas, NC State University NC State Launches Secure Open Systems Initiative - With governments and companies all over the world installing open computer systems to exchange and process information, more data is … [full story]

David Schurig, NC State University Trew, Kim, Schurig Receives NSF Award for Energy Scavenging Research - Robert J. Trew, Ki Wook Kim, and David Schurig has been awarded $327,843 by the National Science Foundation for … [full story]

Drug compliance Necklace Magnetic Sensor System To Increase Drug Compliance - Researchers have designed a sensor necklace to record the date and time a specially designed pill is swallowed, which they hope will … [full story]

Dr. Michael Devetsikiotis, NC State University         Devetsikiotis named IEEE Distinguished Lecturer - Dr. Michael Devetsikiotis has recently been named a ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer for 2008-2009 by the IEEE Communication Society. … [full story]

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