ECE Department Headlines

December 2009


 2009 Innovation Showcase and Awards Ceremony Ten NC State engineering faculty recognized for innovation - Ten North Carolina State University engineering faculty were recognized during the 2009 Innovation Showcase and Awards Ceremony hosted … [full story]

Dr. Paul Franzon delivering the keynote address at IMAPS 2009 Franzon Gives IMAPS 2009 Keynote Address - Dr. Paul Franzon gave the keynote address at IMAPS 2009, the 42nd International Symposium on Microelectronics. Franzon's presentation… [full story]

November 2009

3dchip Franzon Receives 3DIC Packaging Research Award - Paul Franzon has been awarded $283,700 by the Focus Center Research Program (FCRP), a joint industry-Government consortium… [full story]

Harish Chintakunta (center) pictured with other members of the VISSTA Research Group Chintakunta Receives Certificate of Merit - Harish Chintakunta, a graduate student in the ECE Department, contributed a winning poster presentation at the Defense Threat Reduction [full story]

Jay Baliga and some of his many patents and awards. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD An Interview with Dr. Baliga - recently sat down with Dr. Jayant Baliga to discuss his role in the semiconductor revolution. Dr. Baliga … [full story]

image Schurig Awarded for Transformation Optical Metamaterials Research - David Schurig has been awarded $402,633 by Duke University for research on Transformation Optical Metamaterials. The award will … [full story]

channel_318x247 Student wins best student paper award at IEEE 3DIC 2009 - Samson Melamed, a graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering, won the best student paper award at the IEEE 3DIC Conference … [full story]

image Misra Awarded for Engineered High-K Dielectrics and Metal Electrodes - Veena Misra has been awarded $120,000 by the Intel Corp. for research on Investigation of Engineered High-K Dielectrics and … [full story]

Alice Parker, Professor at the University of Southern California (Photo Courtesy of: Mark Berndt/University of Southern California) Building a Synthetic Brain - For electrical engineer Alice Parker '70, '75 PHD, simulating the machine on your shoulders is more complicated than building the … [full story]

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