ECE Department Headlines

April 2009

The device the students created can diagnose tuberculosis with the push of a button. The data can be sent directly to a laptop. Featured Article Fighting TB As Easy As 1-2-3 - It's one of the world's most intractable medical problems, spreading at the alarming rate of one new infection every four seconds. … [full story]

Dr. Salah M Bedair, ECE Department, NC State University Device Controls Electron Spin At Room Temperature - In a breakthrough for applied physics, North Carolina State University researchers have developed a magnetic semiconductor memory device… [full story]

Fall 2008 Design Day ECE Design Day - April 22 - Students in the ECE Senior Design and Engineering Entrepreneurs Programs will demonstrate their projects at the McKimmon Center … [full story]

Dr. Leda Lunardi, ECE Department, NC State University Lunardi, Lazzi, and Muth Awarded for Terahertz Radiation Research - Leda Lunardi, Gianluca Lazzi, and John Muth have been awarded  $191,804 by the Digital Fusion Inc. for research … [full story]

March 2009

Brian Carty, left, with Dr. Louis A. Martin-Vega and fellow award winner Sheila Hayes College Rewards Staff Excellence - The College of Engineering at North Carolina State University has recognized Brian Carty of the Department of Electrical and Computer … [full story]

February 2009

Ryan Going, Recipient of The Gates Cambridge Scholarship Featured Article Experience Reaps Reward - Ryan Going admits he didn't know anything about engineering when he enrolled at NC State three years ago. He's learned a lot since … [full story]

2009 Krispy Kreme Challenge participants Five Years of the Krispy Kreme Challenge - Five years ago, Chris McCoy dreamed up a four mile race that would become a N.C. State tradition. Called the Krispy Kreme Challenge… [full story]

Cloak of Invisibility Physicist Professor Sir John Pendry to Speak - Renowned physicist, Professor Sir John Pendry will deliver a seminar on campus, Friday, 13 February. Well known for his theoretical … [full story]


Dr. Wesley Snyder, ECE Department, NC State University ECE Faculty Chosen to Chair Major Robotics Conferences - The Institute of Electrical and Computer Engineers (IEEE), the largest technical society in the world, sponsors hundreds of conferences … [full story]

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