ECE Department Headlines

February 2010

Radar Researchers receive 2010 Microwave Prize - Doctoral student Jonathan Wilkerson, Dr. Kevin Gard, and Dr. Michael Steer, together with their collaborator Dr. Alex Schuchinsky … [full story]

Bob Kepley, ECE Alumnus, NC State University Alumnus honors father with endowment to NC State - A $50,000 scholarship endowment has been established at the College of Engineering by a North Carolina State University engineering … [full story]

Dr. Michael Escuti, ECE Department, NC State University Featured Article Michael Escuti Receives NSF CAREER Award - Dr. Michael Escuti, assistant professor of Electrical Engineering at North Carolina State University, has received a Faculty Early … [full story]

January 2010


NC State made the Kiplinger and U.S. News & World Report top 10 lists for best value among public universities. Featured Article Top 10, Again - Parents choosing where to send their sons, daughters and money for college will find NC State in another prominent national ranking … [full story]

Jiwei Fan, ECE Student, NC State University ECE Student Jiwei Fan Receives Best Poster Paper Award - Jiwei Fan, along with other NC State students, was selected for a Best Poster Paper Award at the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference [full story]

Samueli_UCLA Kim Receives UCLA Center Grant - Ki Wook Kim has been awarded $410,887 by the University of California - Los Angeles for research with the Center on Functional … [full story]

Jaehoon Park ECE Student Jaehoon Park Receives Best Presentation Award - Jaehoon Park along with other NCSU students were selected for a Best Presentation Award at the International Semiconductor Device [full story]

sw_testing Zhou Receives Automated Software Debugging Research Grant - Huiyang Zhou has been awarded $388,229 by the National Science Foundation for research on Architecutural Support for Automated … [full story]

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