ECE Department Headlines

February 2011

By implanting a buffer made of argon, researchers have created GaN devices that can handle 10 times as much power. New Technique Boosts High-Power Potential For Gallium Nitride Electronics - Gallium nitride (GaN) material holds promise for emerging high-power devices that are more energy efficient than existing technologies … [full story]

January 2011

smartgrid101_onpage ARPA-E Grant Will Fund NC State Research On Smart Grid Technologies - A new grant from the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) will support North Carolina State … [full story]

communication speed New Hardware Boosts Communication Speed On Multi-Core Chips - Computer engineers at North Carolina State University have developed hardware that allows programs to operate more efficiently by significantly … [full story]

image Hardware, Software Advances Help Protect Operating Systems From Attack - The operating system (OS) is the backbone of your computer. If the OS is compromised, attackers can take over your computer - or … [full story]

The new technique reduces the number of defects in those films by two to three orders of magnitude -- increasing the output of light by a factor of two for a given amount of power. (Image courtesy of Lukasz Tylec) Featured Article Voiding Defects: New Technique Makes LED Lighting More Efficient - Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are an increasingly popular technology for use in energy-efficient lighting. Researchers from North Carolina … [full story]

image Dr. Huang Selected as Zhejiang University Qiushi Chair - Dr. Alex Huang, Progress Energy Distinguished Professor of the Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State University has been … [full story]

Researchers have developed a single “unified” device that can perform both volatile and nonvolatile memory operation, with applications that could affect computer start times and energy efficiency for internet servers. Featured Article New Device May Revolutionize Computer Memory - Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new device that represents a significant advance for computer memory… [full story]

image Trew Named AAAS Fellow - Washington D.C.-Dr. Robert Trew of ECE Department of NC State University has been awarded … [full story]

image Featured Article New Power System Approach Aims to Prevent Blackouts - Major power outages are fairly infrequent, but when they happen they can result in billions of dollars in costs - and even contribute … [full story]

Year after year, Kiplinger business and finance experts name NC State as one of the nation Excellence and Affordability Equal One Red-Hot Deal - Despite an unsettled economy and rising costs, NC State continues to provide students with an affordable, high-quality education. "NC … [full story]

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