ECE Department Headlines

July 2012

Dr. Subhashish Bhattacharya Dr. Subhashish Bhattacharya Receives Award For Research from GE Global Research - Dr. Subhashish Bhattacharya has been awarded $234,444 by the GE Global Research for research on Resilient Multiterminal HVDC … [full story]

Dr. John Muth Dr. Tania Paskova and Dr. John Muth Receive Award For Research by the National Science Foundation - Dr. Tania Paskova and Dr. John Muth have been awarded $383,532 by the National Science Foundation for research on III-Nitride … [full story]

New tool should expedite the development of new cores and multi-core processors. Expediting Design Process May Boost Diversity in Multi-Core Processors - Researchers have developed a tool that makes it faster and easier to develop new cores - also known as central processing units … [full story]

Dr. Michael Escuti in his lab at the Monteith Research Center on Centennial Campus.  Photo by Marc Hall Michael Escuti Selected to Participate in NAE's 2012 U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium - Seventy-eight of the nation's brightest young engineers have been selected to take part in the National Academy of Engineering's (NAE) … [full story]

June 2012

Dr. Michael Escuti Featured Article ImagineOptix, A Company Commercializing Technology by Dr. Michael Escuti, Is One of NC State’s Fast 15. - ImagineOptix, a company developing a revolutionary projection technology for phones and other uses, is one of NC State's Fast … [full story]

Dr. Iqbal Husain Iqbal Husain Receives Award For Research by GE Global Research - Iqbal Husain has been awarded $262,423 by the GE Global Research for research on Scalable, Low-Cost, High-Performance Non-Rare … [full story]

May 2012

Dr. Srdjan Lukic and NC State Ph.D. student Zeljko Pantic Featured Article Researchers Solve Tuning Problem For Wireless Power Transfer Systems - Dr. Srdjan Lukic and his student Zeljko Pantic have developed a new way to fine-tune wireless power transfer (WPT) receivers… [full story]

Researchers Improve Fast-Moving Mobile Networks Researchers Improve Fast-Moving Mobile Networks - Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) allow people in multiple, rapidly-moving vehicles to communicate with each other - such as in military … [full story]

he 2012 Outstanding Senior Award winners (from left to right): Adam Newton, Krystian Kozek, Scott Moore and Matthew Ostrowski. (Photo: Jessica Wilson) ECE Student Honored with COE Senior Award - Four North Carolina State University engineering students received Outstanding Senior Awards at the 2012 College of Engineering Annual … [full story]

Students learn about electricty by playing with buzzers, lights, and conductive dough. Engineering student group wins campus service award - Open Hardware Makerspace, a student group in the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University, was honored with a 2012 … [full story]

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