ECE Department Headlines

October 2013

 Performance of the proposed model for one week (Actual vs Prediction) Zamani and Tippens Win SAS Analytics 2013 Student Poster Contest - Vahraz Zamani and Travis Tippens were recently selected as one of the top six posters submitted to the SAS Analytics 2013 Student [full story]

NCSU Graduation Ceremonies 2010. Photo by Becky Kirkland. Electrical Engineering ranks as Top10 highest-paid college major - Your parents wanted you to be a doctor or a lawyer -- well, you can add engineer to that list now as well. According to research … [full story]

Engineering Online ranked top online program for veterans, active duty military by U.S. News & World Report Engineering Online ranked top online program for veterans, active duty military by U.S. News & World Report - Engineering Online at North Carolina State University has been named the nation's top online graduate engineering program for veterans … [full story]

Dr. Jacob Adams Researchers Work to Squeeze More Data from Bandwidth in Mobile Devices - A team of researchers is working on technology that would allow mobile devices to send and receive more data using the same limited … [full story]

September 2013

The FREEDM Center draws upon vast expertise at NC State, including, from left: Seth Crossno, industry liaison; Rogelio Sullivan, managing director; Alex Huang, center director; and Ewan Pritchard, associate director. Featured Article High Powered Punch - A severe summer storm roared across North Carolina's Triangle region in June, knocking out power to more than 28,000 homes and businesses… [full story]

A new chip design would allow RFID readers to be farther than 10 meters from the chip. ECE Faculty Receive Funding for Projects from Chancellor's Innovation Fund -   Chancellor Supports ECE Research Advancements NC State continues its commitment to moving research results to the marketplace … [full story]

Dr. James Tuck Tuck Receives Research Award from NSF - Dr. James Tuck, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has been awarded $384,143 by the National Science … [full story]

Dr. Tony Mitchell, Professor Emeritus Lunardi and Mitchell Receive Award for Research from the NSF - Leda Lunardi, Montserrat Fuentes, Cheryl Cass and Tony Mitchell have been awarded $633,864 by the National Science Foundation for … [full story]

The stacked junction solar cell is more than just one cell. It needs to be connected together with other cells Researchers super stack solar panels, increase efficiency - Researchers at N.C. State have developed a new way for improving overall efficiency of solar panels that will reduce the cost of … [full story]

Ewan Pritchard demonstrated how the fast charger worked on a Nissan Leaf Electric car can charge four times faster than previous models - Electric vehicles can now be charged faster than an iPhone-reducing what previously took four hours down to less than one hour. This … [full story]

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