Interdisciplinary Distinguished Lecturer: Amy Oldenburg

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Biomedical Optical Coherence Sensing of Plasmon-Resonant and Magnetic Nanoprobes

Amy Oldenburg, Assistant Professor in Physics and Astronomy
Physics Department, UNC-Chapel Hill

Amy Oldenburg spoke on Friday, October 16th, 2009 at 1:00PM in Engineering Building II, Room 1230

Optical coherence tomography has opened a new window into biomedical imaging by providing imaging several mean free scattering path lengths into tissue, and has been dubbed "in vivo optical histology." The ability to contrast coherence images using targeted nanoprobes presents particular challenges over conventional microscopies. I will explore the development of two classes of nanoprobes and their associated imaging algorithms for coherence imaging contrast: plasmon-resonant gold nanorods, and magnetic nanoparticles. I will also present preliminary studies showing in situ elastography by using the magnetic nanoparticles as internal force transducers.