ECE Department Headlines

October 2016

ASSIST makes progress with testbed, other technologies ASSIST makes progress with testbed, other technologies - Year four saw breakthroughs and new directions in research for the Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Advanced Self-Powered … [full story]

September 2016

Student work on the prototype of an EcoPRT car EcoPRT will bridge the gap between NC State’s two campuses - Two faculty members from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering are creating a new transportation system that would … [full story]

Ewan Pritchard demonstrating fast chargering technology on a Nissan Leaf Pritchard re-appointed to NC GreenPower Board - We are proud to announce that this week, Dr. Ewan Pritchard, Associate Director of FREEDM Systems Center and the Advanced … [full story]

The new inverter, made using silicon carbide components. Photo courtesy of Iqbal Husain. New Tech Promises to Boost Electric Vehicle Efficiency, Range - Researchers in NC State's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering's FREEDM Systems Center have developed a new type of inverter … [full story]

A still from the 1954 "Them!" American monster film Bozkurt a Panelist at Science in the Movies - As the mosquitoes retreat with fall's approach, the NCSU Libraries' fun and informative "Science in the Movies" series celebrates the … [full story]

Study co-lead Haywood Hunter, shows off the TEG-embedded T-shirt at work. Lightweight Wearable Tech Efficiently Converts Body Heat to Electricity - Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a new design for harvesting body heat and converting it into electricity … [full story]

Pitches, Prize Wheels and Presentations Pitches, Prize Wheels and Presentations - What do you get when you combine a pitch competition with cash prizes, live demos that feature everything from the latest virtual … [full story]

Brian Floyd (left) and Vikas Chauhan. Photo courtesy of Brian Floyd. Simulation Highlights Potential For Low-Cost Security Imaging Device - Researchers from North Carolina State University have used computer models to demonstrate the viability of a low-cost security imaging … [full story]

A student walks to class on Centennial Campus Researchers Use Hardware to Accelerate Core-to-Core On-Chip Communication - Researchers from North Carolina State University and the Intel Corporation have developed a new way to significantly accelerate core-to-core … [full story]

Michela Becchi ECE Welcomes New Faculty - NC State ECE is proud announce the addition of five members to the faculty. A variety of scholars from all over the country, and … [full story]

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