ECE Department Headlines

July 2017

Solid-state transformers, developed at NC State, can make the smart grid concept a reality. Study Finds ‘Smart’ Transformers Could Make Reliable Smart Grid a Reality - A new study using complex computational models finds that smart solid-state transformers (SSTs) could be used to make a stable, reliable … [full story]

June 2017

NC State New Design Improves Performance of Flexible Wearable Electronics - In a proof-of-concept study, engineers at NC State University's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have designed a flexible … [full story]

Spyros Pavlidis ECE Welcomes New Faculty - NC State ECE is proud announce the addition of three new assistant professors to the distinguished faculty. A variety of scholars … [full story]

Victor Veliadis Victor Veliadis Becomes IEEE EDS Distinguished Lecturer - Victor Veliadis, the CTO of the PowerAmerica Institute, based in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State  … [full story]

May 2017

ARF President Nina Allen (left) and Ben O Ben O’Neal Receives Friday Award - Ben O'Neal, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering was honored at the Association of Retired … [full story]

Michael Steer Awarded Holladay Medal Michael Steer Awarded Holladay Medal - Three NC State professors, including Michael B. Steer from Electrical and Computer Engineering, received the Alexander Quarles Holladay … [full story]

Juncheng "Bill" Zhou giving the Student Speech Over 450 ECE Graduates Honored at Spring Graduation Ceremony - More than 450 B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. receipients celebrated their graduation during the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department's … [full story]

Gov. Roy Cooper and Dr. Alper Bozkurt, left, listen as a member of the Catalyst student team describes their work. Campus program for students with disabilities hosts governor - During a visit to NC State, Gov. Roy Cooper received ideas about improving educational opportunities for students with disabilities … [full story]

A view through the two-photon microscope Neuroscientists and an engineer take a closer look at the brain - In a partnership melding neuroscience and electrical engineering, researchers from UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State's Department of Electrical … [full story]

VieMetics won $20,000 in prize money during the 2017 Lulu eGames. (Becky Kirkland photo) VieMetrics Wins Top Prize at LuLu eGames - VieMetrics, a team that has developed a low-cost, portable spirometer that can potentially predict asthma attacks, won the $10,000 … [full story]

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