ECE Department Headlines

May 2017

Gov. Roy Cooper and Dr. Alper Bozkurt, left, listen as a member of the Catalyst student team describes their work. Campus program for students with disabilities hosts governor - During a visit to NC State, Gov. Roy Cooper received ideas about improving educational opportunities for students with disabilities … [full story]

A view through the two-photon microscope Neuroscientists and an engineer take a closer look at the brain - In a partnership melding neuroscience and electrical engineering, researchers from UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State's Department of Electrical … [full story]

VieMetics won $20,000 in prize money during the 2017 Lulu eGames. (Becky Kirkland photo) VieMetrics Wins Top Prize at LuLu eGames - VieMetrics, a team that has developed a low-cost, portable spirometer that can potentially predict asthma attacks, won the $10,000 … [full story]

April 2017

Silicon Valley Favors NC State Alumni Silicon Valley Favors NC State Alumni - NC State scored well on another study tracking alumni success in the job market. According to an analysis by HiringSolved, an online … [full story]

Islam Sayed and his winning poster Sayed, ECE PhD candidate Wins Best Poster at State Energy Conference - Islam Sayed, a PhD Candidate in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, advised by Prof. Salah Bedair, won the … [full story]

Watch the Video Announcement from Dr. Stancil ECE Changes its Name to Department of Cool Stuff Engineering (Updated) - See update below. We are excited to announce that, as part of our branding efforts and in celebration of our department's 100th … [full story]

March 2017

The EzMC (shown here) is an electronic representation of the lignin biosynthesis pathway. This image shows a connected volt meter displaying the amount of metabolite simulated at one part of the pathway. Hands-On Model Helps Students Understand Genetic Engineering - A team of faculty and undergraduate researchers, including researchers from Electrical and Computer Engineering, have created a physical… [full story]

College of Engineering improves graduate program ranking College of Engineering improves graduate program ranking - The College of Engineering at North Carolina State University has improved its standing in the US News & World Report ranking … [full story]

Setup of Biobot Tracking System Tracking the Movement of Cyborg Cockroaches - New research from North Carolina State University's Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering offers insights into how far … [full story]

February 2017

John Muth Muth becomes Jefferson Science Fellow - It is our pleasure to announce that Dr. John F. Muth, has been selected for the thirteenth class of Jefferson Science Fellows. … [full story]

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