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Powering The New Grid
Think of the energy grid as an open faucet - carrying power in just one direction, and it's always on. The paradigm has lasted over a century because power consumers and power generators occupy opposite ends of the grid - but the world is changing. [full story]

VitalFlo Wins at NASA Tech Briefs Award
Evolution of Circuit Design

VitalFlo, a small handheld spirometer about the size of an i-phone that helps consumers monitor their breathing, recently won the Medical Design category at the NASA Tech Briefs Create the Future Contest, placing first from over 80... [full story]

Zamani and Tippens Win SAS Analytics 2013 Student Poster Contest

Vahraz Zamani and Travis Tippens were recently selected as one of the top six posters submitted to the SAS Analytics 2013 Student Poster Contest. Zamani is a PHD candidate in Electrical Engineering. Tippens is an undergraduate in Electrical... [full story]

 Performance of the proposed model for one week (Actual vs Prediction)
Electrical Engineering ranks as Top10 highest-paid college major
NCSU Graduation Ceremonies 2010. Photo by Becky Kirkland.

Your parents wanted you to be a doctor or a lawyer -- well, you can add engineer to that list now as well. According to research conducted by Anthony P. Carnevale, Jeff Strohl and Michelle Meltonan at Georgetown University, your... [full story]

Engineering Online ranked top online program for veterans, active duty military by U.S. News & World Report

Engineering Online at North Carolina State University has been named the nation's top online graduate engineering program for veterans and active duty military personnel by U. S. News & World Report. North Carolina is home to the nation's... [full story]

Engineering Online ranked top online program for veterans, active duty military by U.S. News & World Report
Researchers Work to Squeeze More Data from Bandwidth in Mobile Devices
Dr. Jacob Adams

A team of researchers is working on technology that would allow mobile devices to send and receive more data using the same limited amount of bandwidth. The work is supported by a $1. 08 million grant from the National Science Foundation... [full story]

Electric car can charge four times faster than previous models

Electric vehicles can now be charged faster than an iPhone-reducing what previously took four hours down to less than one hour. This new fast-charging technology was developed by ABB, an energy engineering company, at N. C. State.... [full story]

Ewan Pritchard demonstrated how the fast charger worked on a Nissan Leaf
Ingenuity with a twist
Jar~with~a~Twist is a problem-solving product that works similarly to a deodorant stick that twists on the bottom while moving the contents of the container to the top.

NC State engineers develop Jar~with~a~Twist, a "bottomless" jar taking YouTube and morning talk shows by storm. The scenario was the same. On the kitchen counter sat an open, half-full jar of peanut butter, but reaching in to gather... [full story]

New Connection between Stacked Solar Cells Can Handle Energy of 70,000 Suns

North Carolina State University researchers have come up with a new technique for improving the connections between stacked solar cells, which should improve the overall efficiency of solar energy devices and reduce the cost of solar energy... [full story]

Dr. Salah Bedair
Oralkan Receives DARPA Young Faculty Award
Dr. Omer Oralkan

Dr. Omer Oralkan, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has received the prestigious Young Faculty Award (YFA) of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for his project titled "An... [full story]

ECE In the News
NBC News LogoDon't panic! These cyborg roaches are trained for emergencies
"NC State researchers have developed software that allows them to map unknown environments' such as collapsed buildings. Edgar Lobaton, Alper Bozkurt and Alireza Dirafzoon, electrical and computer engineering, featured."

From NBC News on October 18, 2013
divider KickStarter LogoiSketchnote: from pen and paper to your iPad!
"iSketchnote is a smart iPad cover that integrates a new digitizing technology with the convenience of a notebook. Dr. Stephen Walsh, Adjunct Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, featured."<

From on September 11, 2013
Alumni In the News
PRWeb LogoCloud Computing: Transforming Cities
"You may not be able to toss out a definition of cloud computing, but chances are you’re an everyday expert in the technology. Doug Cox is Vice President of Smarter Cities Software for IBM. Cox holds a Master of Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University.""

From The Washington Post on October 18, 2013
PRWeb LogoEntigral Announces New Board Members
"Entigral announced the addition of four new members to its Board of Directors, including Olin Giles, who received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Physics from NC State University."

From on September 5, 2013
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