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Dr. Wenye Wang

| Biography

Her current research interests include mobile and secure computing, modeling and performance analysis of single- and multi-hop wireless networks, network topology and architecture design. Dr. Wang received NSF CAREER Award in 2006. She is an ACM member and an IEEE Fellow.

| Education

  1. 2002 - Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

| Primary Research Interests

  1. Networking (Including Digital Performance Evaluation*, Network Security*, Wireless Networking*)

| Other Research Interests

  1. Physical Electronics, Photonics & Magnetics (Including III - V Materials and Devices*, Optical Materials and Photonic Devices*, Quantum Engineering*, Silicon Devices and Fabrication*)
  2. Power Electronics and Power Systems (Including Power Systems*)
*Denotes areas in which student research is supported by Dr. Wang

| Selected Publications

  1. Wenye Wang and Ming Zhao, "Joint Effects of Radio Channels and Node Mobility on Link Dynamics in Wireless Networks," to appear in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM 2008.
  2. Zhuo Lu, Wenye Wang, and Cliff Wang, "On the Evolution and Impact of Mobile Botnets in Wireless Networks," in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, pp. 1-14, October 2015.
  3. Avesh K. Agarwal and Wenye Wang, "On the Impact of Quality of Protection in Wireless Local Area Networks with IP Mobility," in ACM-Springer Mobile Networks and Applications (MONET) Journal, Vol. 12, pp. 93-110, February 2007.
  4. Lei Sun, Wenye Wang, and Yujin Li, "The Impact of Network Size and Mobility on Information Delivery in Cognitive Radio Networks," in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, pp. 1-14, June 2015.
  5. Nurcan Tezcan and Wenye Wang,"TTS: A Two-Tiered Scheduling Mechanism for Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks, " in International Journal of Sensor Networks (JSNet), Vol.1, No. 3/4, pp. 213-228. November 2006.
  6. Jie Wang and Wenye Wang, "To Live or To Die: Encoutering Conflict Information Propagation over Simple Networks," in Proc. of the IEEE INFOCOM, April 2016.
  7. Wei Liang, Wenye Wang," A Quantitative Study of Authentication and QoS in Wireless IP Networks," in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM'05, Miami, FL, USA, March, 2005.
  8. Lei Sun, Wenye Wang, and Zhuo Lu, "On Topology and Resilience of Large-Scale Cognitive Radio Networks Under Generic Failures ," in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol. 14, No. 6, pp. 3390-3401, June 2015.
  9. Ian F. Akyildiz and Wenye Wang, “The Predictive User Mobility Profile Framework for Mobility and Resource Management in Wireless Multimedia Networks," in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, vol. 12, no. 6, December 2004, pp. 1021-1035.
  10. Mingkui Wei and Wenye Wang, "Greenbench: A Benchmark for Observing Power Grid Vulnerability Under Data-Centric Threats," in Proc. of the IEEE INFOCOM, April 2014.

| Awards and Honors

  • 2006 - IEEE GLOBECOM, Best Student Paper Award
  • 2006 - NSF Career Award
  • 2004 - IEEE Computer Communications and Networks, Best Student Paper Award