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Dr. Edward F Gehringer

Associate Professor

| Education

  1. 1972 BS in Mathematics, University of Detroit
  2. 1972 BA in Math/Computer Science, Wayne State University
  3. 1974 MS in Computer Science, Purdue University
  4. 1979 PhD in Computer Science, Purdue University

| Primary Research Interests

  1. Computer Architecture and Systems (Including Embedded Computer Systems, Memory Systems / Memory Management, Microprocessor Architecture, Parallel and Distributed Computer Architecture)

| Selected Publications

  1. Chih-Weh Ho, Somik Raha, Edward Gehringer, and Laurie Williams, "Sangam--A distributed pair programming plugin for Eclipse," Eclipse Technology Exchange at OOPSLA 2004, Object-Oriented Programming Lanaguages, Systems, and Applications 2004, Vancouver, BC, October 24-28, 2004 (to appear).
  2. J. Morris Chang, Witawas Srisa-an, Chia-Tien Dan Lo, and Edward F. Gehringer, “DMMX: Dynamic memory-management extensions,” Journal of Systems and Software 29:3, October 2002, pp. 187–199.
  3. Prashant Baheti, Edward F. Gehringer, and David Stotts, “Exploring the efficacy of distributed pair programming,” Proc. XP Agile Universe 2002, Chicago, August 4–7, 2002, Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2418, pp. 208-–220.
  4. "Optimizing procedure calls in block-structured languages" (with Jeremy P. Goodwin), Software--Practice and Experience 26:12, December 1996, pp. 1385-1414.
  5. "A high-performance memory allocator for object-oriented systems" (with Ji-En Morris Chang), IEEE Transactions on Computers

| Awards and Honors

  • 2007 - NC SU Gertrude LCox Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching & Learning with Technology, Honorable Mention