John Muth

John Muth

The goal: Grow novel semiconductor materials, characterize their optical and eletrical properties, and fabricate novel optoelectronic devices. Sucessful intergration of these tasks will create enabling photonic technologies. This lab works with wide band gap semiconductors includling Gallium Nitride and Zinc Oxide and a variety materials to make quantum dots and other nanostructures.


1988,Applied Engineering Physics, Cornell, Ithaca NY
1988-1993 Naval Nuclear Power Program, USS Baltimore (SSN 704)
1998 Solid State Physics, NCSU, Raleigh NC

Awards & Honors

2009 - United States Armed Forces Bronze Star Medal
2006 - Joint Services Humanitarian Service Medal (Hurricane Katrina)
2004 - National Academy of Engineers Frontiers of Science Award
2003 - Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award
2002 - Oak Ridge Ralph E Powe Award
2000 - Discovery Magazine Technology Award, Top 10 Finalist
1988-1993 - Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medals (2)


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 Monteith Engineering Res. Ctr. 234-E
 Campus Box 7911

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