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The objective of this project is to explore quantum transport in solids on the nanoscale and to focus fundamental findings and concepts toward nanodevice implications and characteristics. Studies include the role of band structure and the non-perturbative competition between power absorbed from the electric field and energy dissipated to a quantized boson field (phonon or vacuume electrodynamic) loss mechanisms.

Quantum transport theory has been applied to three problems thus far:

  1. the field-dependent ionization of a localized optically active defect in a periodic potential subject to phonon loss
  2. nonequilibrium enhanced Brownian transport resulting from the phonon mediated quantum transport through a periodic potential subject to homogeneous constant and oscillatory electric fields; and Bloch oscillation radiation output resulting from the interaction of a Bloch electron with a quantized electromagnetic field.
  3. We have also considered the fundamental quantum nature of interacting quantum systems (coherence, entanglement, spontaneous emission) and the role of dissipation in quenching the quantum characteristics
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