ECE Research Groups and Laboratories

The department of Electrical and Computer Engineering runs many research groups and laboratories which students are encouraged to become involved with. Each discipline of study within the department offers a variety of groups and labs located conveniently on Centennial Campus and lead by our esteemed faculty members. Below, you will find a list of all of our research groups and laboratories, along with the faculty who lead them. Most have their own websites where you can learn more details about the work they do.

Active Robotics Sensing (AROS)
Lead Faculty: Edgar Lobaton
Advanced Diagnosis, Automation and Control Laboratory (ADAC)
Lead Faculty: Mo-Yuen Chow
Architecture Research for Performance, Reliability, and Security (ARPERS)
Lead Faculty: Yan Solihin
BioInterface Laboratory (BIL)
Lead Faculty: Michael Daniele
Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory (BMIL)
Lead Faculty: H. Troy Nagle
EnBiSys Laboratory (EnBiSys)
Lead Faculty: Cranos M. Williams
Geometric-Phase Photonics Lab (GPL)
Lead Faculty: Michael Escuti
iBionicS Laboratory (iBionicS)
Lead Faculty: Alper Bozkurt
Image Analysis Laboratory (IMAGING)
Lead Faculty: Wesley E Snyder
Machine Olfaction Lab (MOL)
Lead Faculty: H. Troy Nagle
Microelectronics Systems Laboratory (MSL)
Lead Faculty: Paul D Franzon
Nanoscale Quantum Engineering Group (NANO)
Lead Faculty: Ki Wook Kim
Nanoscience and Engineering Research Group (NANOENGINEERING)
Lead Faculty: Daryoosh Vashaee
Networking of Wireless Information Systems (NetWIS)
Lead Faculty: Wenye Wang
Optical Characterization Laboratory (OCL)
Lead Faculty: Salah M Bedair
Vision Information and Statistical Signal Theories and Applications (VISSTA)
Lead Faculty: Hamid Krim
Wireless Ad-Hoc and Local Area Networks Research Lab (WIRELESS)
Lead Faculty: Mihail Sichitiu