III - V Materials and Devices

Nanoelectronics and Photonics

III-V materials and devices have very important applications in electronic and photonic systems. These applications drive our research programs which include:

Multijunction solar cells for high conversion efficiency based on InGaAs/GaAsPN strained layer superlattices.; Solid state lighting based on InGaN multiple quantum well structures emitting in the blue, green and red primary colors.; Three terminals LED structure emitting different colors for display devices.; Spin-electronics and dilute magnetic semiconductors to take advantages of both electronic charge and spin for future optical and memory devices.; Physics based compact modeling of III-V and silicon based FETs and HBTs for millimeter wave and minimum power circuit design.; Exploration of novel devices in compound semiconductors and silicon based materials for ultra-low power operation.; Use of oxides for novel device operation.; Theoretical exploration of unexplained phenomena in emerging material systems.; Exploration of composite oxides with III-Nitride based materials for scaled metal oxide semiconductor devices.; Nano-scaled heterogeneous source drains on intrinsic III-N materials.; Chemistry of surface preparation and wet chemical etching in GaN; Use of III-Nitride properties for novel Gunn-effect terahertz device performance.; Compact model extraction and development for GaN based devices.

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