The Internet as we know it is a point-to-point communication model. Networking takes the model a step further. By using networking you can turn the net created by point-to-point communication into a finer integrated mesh of communication points. We research methods in which to effectively organize the flow of traffic which exists in these networks through the use of computer software with an ultimate aim at designing, building and operating telecommunication networks.

Like traffic lights, networking research seeks to organize the flow of traffic in computer networks. If a computer can predict traffic, it can allocate priority to those packets in the network that need to get through first. For instance, if a traffic light could predict the coming of an ambulance, traffic lights around the area of the ambulance's destination would then work in collaboration to give priority to the ambulance and work towards letting the ambulance get through first.

By organizing this flow of traffic it will be easier for users to do projects and open programs simultaneously, efficiently and quickly. We envision a future Internet encompassing multimedia with the guarantee to watch video, email, and listen to music simultaneously.

The Computer Networking program is a joint effort between the Colleges of Engineering and Management to deliver a unique educational program that addresses the needs of North Carolina's computer networking industry. By working together, the colleges deliver a curriculum that allows students the flexibility to pursue studies that emphasize the technical and management aspects of computer networking.

The program is intended for students with electrical and computer engineering or computer science undergraduate degrees who wish to pursue careers in research, development, operations, and information technology management in the computer networking and IT industry. It is designed to address a specific need in the computer networking industry in North Carolina, and, as such, is consistent with the land-grant mission of the university. The program is unique in the UNC system (and nationally) in blending the technical and management aspects of computer networking to offer students a truly unique educational opportunity.

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