Electronic Energy Systems Packaging

Power Electronics and Power Systems

Electronic Energy Systems Packaging (including power electronics packaging) encompasses technologies focused on the physical implementation of power electronic and energy storage systems.

Electrical engineers develop circuits and schematics, but what is eventually delivered to a customer are electro-physical circuits concurrently designed and combined into a hardware system. These hardware systems must meet metrics, such as power, weight, and size densities; government and industry standards; and reliability.

Understandably, this research is broad-based and multidisciplinary with studies in electric, magnetic, thermal and mechanical components and circuits. The NCSU research focus is on high-frequency, high-density topologies that use ultrafast-switching power semiconductors, and the materials and fabrication processes to create such topologies.

Applications are in new integrated power systems from chip to ship including land-based smart grid power systems; electric vehicle converters and drives; high performance power supplies for aerospace, telecom and DC distribution systems; and ultrafast fault protectors using the latest in SiC and GaN semiconductors.

Those interested in this area would find it advantageous to have had primary study in power electronics and physics with strong interests in heat transfer, materials or structural mechanics.

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