Double Major

Because of the similarities in curricula, students are able to double major in both electrical and computer engineering quite easily. The addition of an extra semester's worth of classes can net the student a second bachelor's degree. Talk with an ECE counselor for more information.

CPE First Major (6 additional hours)
EE Second Major
ECE 400 Level Class  
Approved Technical Elective (6 additional hours)   
ECE ***  
EE First Major (9 additional hours)
CPE Second Major
Introduction to Embedded Systems 
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists 
Data Structures 
Design of Complex Digital Systems1 
Advanced Microprocessor Systems Design1 
ECE 306 
CSC 226 
ECE 309 
ECE 406 
ECE 463 

  1. Chosen as one of your specialization electives (this is NOT an additional 3 hours)