Engineering Entrepreneurs Program

The Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP) is the hub of the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem at NC State University. At its core, the EEP provides a transformational entrepreneurship education experience for students through its fully-immersive, multi-disciplinary, simulation-like learning environment. The EEP seeks to inspire, to empower, and to challenge its students to change the world and radically improve the human condition.

Today more than 450 students have completed the EEP in which they work in teams to turn creative concepts into marketable products. Donald (Donnie) J. Barnes (CSC '95), a former EEP student, was the first employee of Red Hat and retired from Red Hat as a millionaire at age 27. Engineering student entrepreneurs Bill Nussey (EE '87) and Chris Evans created DaVinci Systems, one of the world's leading email products, at a time when NC State was emerging as a power in information technology. They later sold the company for $6.65 million. Evans sold Accipter, which he also founded, for more than $50 million. Scot Wingo (MS CPE '92) credits his success to Miller's Engineering Entrepreneurs Program. Wingo co-founded and sold Stingray Software then co-founded, which sold for $166 million.


The Engineering Entrepreneurs Lab is utilized by students participating in the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP). This program consists of two capstone courses for Senior undergraduate students in the College of Engineering. In these courses, students are required to organize teams of undergraduates called eTeams, run their senior design projects as virtual start-up companies where they serve as eTeam executives, and develop an original idea for a prototype product within the virtual start-up.

The lab provides a workshop, computers and multiple workbenches for projects, and open workspace areas. The workshop contains two computer workstations, a drill press and machining equipment, and a wide assortment of tools for student use. The main room provides a common meeting space, dedicated computers and a shared printer for all teams, workbenches, and additional storage for tools, components, and equipment.

Marshall Brain, Director of the EEP, ECE Department, NC State University

Marshall Brain
Director of the EEP

Department of Electrical &
Computer Engineering
Box 7911
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7911

890 Oval Drive
2016-B Engineering Building II
Centennial Campus