Senior Design

The ECE Senior Design experience is a two semester course (ECE 484\ECE485) designed to prepare students for the workplace through hands on experience in the design and development of a real world solution. Students learn about the product life cycle and about development processes utilizing system engineering and project management techniques. Students working in teams start with a problem statement, then define product requirements, evaluate possible solutions and perform design tradeoff analyses, then define a system solution, develop a project plan, and share a presentation of their system design and plan at a design review. Next students complete their detailed design and then build a working prototype and verify their solution. Students then present their prototype solutions at Engineering Design Day. Finally, students document their design process and design solution in a final report. The final report also includes a summary of lessons learned and possible future enhancements.

Troxler Design Center

Troxler Design Center

The Troxler Design Center is dedicated to EC E senior design students. The center provides for state of the art laboratory space and test tools\equipment as well as for an innovation lounge and meeting space for ECE senior design project team collaboration and meetings.

The original William F. Troxler Design Center opened its doors in Daniels Hall on November 12, 1997. Unique in the history of the college, the Troxler gift, totaling $157,000, represented the first time an individual had entirely funded the renovation of a laboratory or facility.

"As a student in engineering at NC State in the early 1950's, I worked on my design projects on my small kitchen table," said Troxler. "I am proud of my degree from NC State and have wanted to somehow continue my involvement with the university. Providing the funds for this design center seemed to be the best way to show my appreciation for the education I received from this great institution."

When the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering moved to its new home in Engineering Building II on Centennial Campus, the Troxler family donated an additional $250,000 to continue the Troxler commitment to engineering education.

Bobby Compton, Director of ECE Senior Design, ECE Department, NC State University

Bobby Compton
Director of ECE Senior Design

Department of Electrical &
Computer Engineering
Box 7911
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7911

890 Oval Drive
2054 Engineering Building II
Centennial Campus


Also Available

The Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP) is the hub of the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem at NC State University. At its core, the EEP provides a transformational entrepreneurship education experience for students through its fully-immersive, multi-disciplinary, simulation-like learning environment. The EEP seeks to inspire, to empower, and to challenge its students to change the world and radically improve the human condition. This program consists of two capstone courses for Senior undergraduate students in the College of Engineering. In these courses, students are required to organize teams of undergraduates called eTeams, run their senior design projects as virtual start-up companies where they serve as eTeam executives, and develop an original idea for a prototype product within the virtual start-up.