Ten Reasons for Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State

Student Organizations
NCSU offers over 350 student organizations. There are twelve student organizations specifically for Engineering and three specifically for Electrical Engineering: IEEE Student Branch, ECE Graduate Student Association and HKN.
N.C. State's diverse population gives each student an opportunity to learn from other students both outside and inside the classroom. The size of the university also enables students to find their own "niche" on campus. The friendly and helpful students and staff make the University a place where lifelong friendships are established and students learn as much from each other as they do from their classes.
In addition to the many student organizations, NC State offers opportunities for recreation, visual and performing arts, cinema, leadership and public service, and Greek life. N.C. State has a strong athletic tradition and encourages students to support the Wolfpack athletes! On-campus activities are a fun and safe way to relax, have fun, and make new friends!
The dedicated and experienced faculty ensures each student's academic needs are met. The professors at NC State are committed to each student's success. Although some ECE courses are large, the professors and teaching assistants are available and willing to address any concerns or questions of the students.
North Carolina State University provides students with an immense amount of resources. The expansive library is extremely user-friendly and offers a variety of services. Online courses are available through the Engineering Online program and the University Career Center helps graduating students as they begin their career.
The curriculum is designed to allow each student the opportunity to gain knowledge and comprehension of a broad range of concepts. The curriculum is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it accurately reflects current science. We are accredited under ABET, an assurance that our program meets the quality standards established by the profession for which we prepare our students. A variety of courses offered ensures a solid selection of specializations and with courses typically offered three times a year, there's plenty of schedule flexibility.
NC State University makes a wide range of up-to-date facilities available to all students. Dormitories, multiple dining facilities, Carmichael Gymnasium, and the Tally Student Center all fulfill the various needs of students. The facilities of the department also provide space, equipment and infrastructure to deliver a hands-on learning experience.
N.C. State University is strategically located in close proximity to the famed Research Triangle Park. The Research Triangle Park is situated between three major universities: University of North Carolina, Duke University, and North Carolina State University. The RTP is the home of over 140 research and development companies. The RTP is a prime source for co-op and career opportunities for N.C. State students. Centennial Campus, a part of NCSU's campus, also is the home of several major companies such as Lucent Technologies and Red Hat, as well as the NC State Technology Incubator. There is no other research park on a university campus in the country.
With a degree in Engineering from North Carolina State University, great success awaits you. NCSU's engineering program is highly recognized and respected throughout the world. The ECE program has a reputation for preparing students for successful careers in engineering. When graduates leave NCSU they are confident and prepared to face the challenges that await them and employers are confident that N.C. State graduates will be the top employees in the industry.
N.C. State University and the ECE department provide many opportunities for academic and personal growth for each student. N.C. State provides a variety of study abroad and work abroad programs for students who wish to spend some time in another country or state. NCSU also has the largest pool of co-op (cooperation education) opportunities for engineering students. There are many work-experience opportunities available in Raleigh, as well as the Research Triangle Park. ECE provides a vast array of co-op, research, and job opportunities for students in this department.